More home fantasies

Swiped from an e-mail

This little beauty came to me in an e-mail.  All homes should come so equipped.  Most of my saved magazine clippings and random pieces of paper have to do with one of two things:  writing ideas or home ideas.  Maybe I should write of homes.  Maybe I could combine fantasy fiction with home design.  It will be a house that never stops changing. Each room will be different, and it will be different every time you enter it.  I think I’m onto something.  If you want to get started, send me a blurb about your room.  In the meantime, mine will absolutely have slides, secret doors, endless hallways, soothing smells and music.  So where does the conflict come in?  A story needs conflict.  Perhaps it is in its everchangingness.  Could become quite unsettling.

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