Right and Wrong and God and Science

The older I get, the more I turn to the idea of cause and effect or action and reaction or action and consequence for answers to life’s big why? how? what’s it all about? questions. Like, how can some people be so awful, I mean murderously awful? Cause they can. There’s no “wrong” and “right” in the sense that someone or something is going to smite you down for your misdeeds. Clearly. Because people do shitty stuff every day. No lightning bolts stop them in their tracks. Punishment in the afterlife? That makes no sense. Who would set up such a delayed response system? Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the “punishment” is here and now in the natural laws of the universe. You want to be a power-hungry vengeful angry violent assfuck? Sadly, you can. But for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Maybe God or god or whoever won’t stop you, but other people might. And if they don’t, then you get the life you create. You’re angry and unsatisfied and restless and have to live with the fear, disdain, and hatred of others because of your actions. If that’s the kind of life you desire, it is yours. It is freedom in the fullest sense. You choose; the universe responds. The beauty is, of course, that you are always free to make a different choice.

What about people who fall under the category of innocent victims? This is the stuff that eats us up. This has us praying and cursing and fearing the world around us. A neighbor out for a walk is hit by a drunk driver. A friend’s young daughter is diagnosed with cancer. This shit shouldn’t happen. It seems “wrong” and we wonder where the justice is. The neighbor did nothing “wrong”—merely chose to go for a walk, but someone else drank too much and got in the car and this is the result of that action. The trajectory of the car met the pedestrian. It is where free wills collide. The young girl hasn’t lived long enough for the cancer to be considered an issue of lifestyle, so maybe it was just the awful confluence of some genetic tendency meeting the right environment. Or maybe we have so polluted our air, land, and water that this is the “consequence.” It’s not about right and wrong or just and unjust. It just is. The words looks like justice—just is—justice—maybe that means something and maybe it doesn’t. Ultimately, the fact that something can, is able, to happen seems to defy the notion of “wrong.” There is no master plan. God is not a micromanager. God is in gravity and physics and chemistry. The rest is the stuff we do. God is science.

Then again, what do I know?

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